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samatex GmbH - Spare parts for the textile industry

samatex GmbH
Small but efficient, well organized but flexible – this is what we are and aim for.

Samatex was founded in 1984 in Germany originally as a retail company. In 2008 the Samatex GmbH was established which is now managed in the 2nd generation with our own production and as an international known, reliable supplier of spare parts for the textile industry. We are producing spare parts for Spinning (AutoCoro – Open End) and Winding (AutoConer). We draw on many years of experience in the production of precision injection molds and engineering plastic and metal processing components.

Our today’s spare part range covers more than 6500 items across many different machine models such as SE7 to the latest models for AutoCoro-Rotor Spinning machines and 138 up to the latest models for AutoConer Winding Machine. We are also having a small range of spares for Ring Spinning machines (Doffing System).
Here we have a few items for the brands, like Rieter (Models: G5/1, G5/2, G30, G33, G35, G312, G331, K40, K42, K43, K44 and K45.), Zinser (Models: 319, 320, 321, 350, 351, 421, 450 and 451) and Marzoli.

Seyhan Tekstil established 1982 was incorporated under the corporation roof as our daughter company to satisfy the demand in the Turkish and surrounding markets such as Uzbekistan. Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.
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